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Testimonials From a Few Leaders Who Have Been Impacted by Barry E. Knight’s, “The Gift Called Leadership.”

See what other leaders have to say about the life-changing impact of “The Gift Called Leadership.”

"My friend Barry E. Knight puts his heart into words in The Gift Called Leadership. His life’s journey, entwined by intersections with other leaders, creates a rich tapestry where you will find yourself. Indeed, leadership is a gift."

– Sam Chand, 
Leadership Consultant and Author of Leadership Pain

Whether you are an experienced leader or just beginning your leadership journey, “The Gift Called Leadership” will show you how to inspire your team and drive greater impact and change in your organization, your industry, and even your world!

Barry E. Knight is the CEO of BEK Impact Co. and an internationally renowned leadership coach who, for sixteen years, has been teaching executive leaders in business, government and public sector, and pastors how to lead with greater clarity, confidence, influence, and impact, and drive greater impact and change in their organization, city, and nation. 


In “The Gift Called Leadership,” all of Barry’s passion, wisdom, and practical expertise are distilled into one very readable book. Dozens of real-life stories showcase how leaders use these inspiring — yet practical — principles of transformational leadership to create meaningful change. If you’re truly passionate about becoming a leader who makes a difference, once you start reading this book, you’ll never want to put it down.

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