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By Barry E. Knight

“The Gift Called Leadership” is a rallying cry for a special breed of Leaders who are not driven by monetary gain or personal glory, but by an innate sense of duty, a commitment to a cause larger than themselves.

Whether you're a seasoned Leader or stepping into Leadership for the first time, this book will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and profound Leadership.


“As a CEO for over 25 years, I can say that ‘The Gift Called Leadership’ is an exceptional body of work that illuminates the profound impact of a leader’s presence on the success of those they guide. Through insightful anecdotes and well-researched analysis, the book brilliantly demonstrates how a leader’s mere presence can catalyze growth and achievement within a team.”

Walter B. Davis, MBA
President and CEO
Nevada Health Centers

The Art and Science of Transformational Leadership All in One Book

In “The Gift Called Leadership,” you’ll discover the practical secrets to creating a motivated, inspired, fully aligned team that works together cohesively to get things done. A team that’s on fire and working as one to make big things happen.


Empowering yourself to become a future-focused Leader, rallying your team around a shared vision, and inspiring them to grow and move toward it — that is the gift of Leadership.

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“Barry nailed it. The impact of leadership, specifically ‘A Leader’s Presence’ and How They Empower Others To Succeed,’ cannot be understated. Leadership is about empowering those we are privileged to lead and creating an environment where those self-directed, empowered team members grow, thrive, and succeed.”

Shawn Mandel,
Vice President
Waste Connections, Inc.

This Book Is Life-Changing!

As the CEO of BEK Impact Co, I have been teaching businesses, school districts, governmental and nongovernmental organizations how to transform their organizations for over 16 years. My online and in-person trainings usually takes weeks.

For the first time, I’ve finally put the essence of the principles and practices of transformational leadership together in one inspirational book. It’s full of dozens of real-life stories of people who have made major changes in the world by practicing these principles.

My leadership training sessions cost thousands of dollars. But you can order “The Gift Called Leadership” today for only $22.99.


“‘The Gift Called Leadership’ isn’t just a book; it’s a road map for cultivating leaders who lead with purpose, compassion, and integrity. It was an honor to have Barry demonstrate the principles in this book for two years as he trained our police officers on community engagement. I am confident this book will empower individuals to become the leaders our world desperately needs.”

Chief Larry Gonzalez
Riverside Police Department
Riverside, CA

Only $22.99 for priceless wisdom that will change everything.


“Barry E. Knight does it again as he brings clarity to what intentional leadership does for an individual and an organization. The choice of words, clear examples, and level of responsibility motivates me as an experienced leader to do even more to inspire others and build trust. Once you know, then you grow. One’s calling is not complete until you are impacting others. Barry shows the way.”

Dr. Judy D. White

Retired Superintendent, Riverside County Office of Education

Founder and President, Mosaic Legacy

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